Get Fit in a Fun Way at Old City Crossfit

Get Fit in a Fun Way at Old City Crossfit sub title

June 27, 2018

Old City Crossfit has seen enormous growth since it opened in 2013. The folks who train here will tell you that the biggest reason for the gym’s growth has less to do with the equipment, the workout regimens, or the facility itself, and more to do with the gym’s focus on community-building.

When you look at the Yelp reviews for OCC, you see more pictures of people smiling at holiday parties or sharing a few beers than you’ll see pictures of intimidating workouts. Owner Sean Emery, lead coach Jen Jacobs, and the rest of the staff elicit rave reviews on social media, with members calling them welcoming, encouraging, and knowledgeable. The gym itself is made up of 1,500 square feet filled with top quality equipment with an emphasis on safety and cleanliness. To get started, go to the website to begin your registration with a free “Jump Start” package, or swing by for a drop-in session.