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September 12, 2019 See What Makes Smitty’s Anything but Basic

In a city with so many trendy, high-concept bars and clubs, it can sometimes be a relief when you find a neighborhood bar that’s just, well, a neighborhood bar. That’s the premise behind Smitty’s, the new local spot in Park View. Over his years tending bar at places like the Saloon and Hill Top, Kaleab Getanah built up an appreciation for his repeat customers—so much so that he named his new place after one of his favorite regulars. 

There’s nothing flashy about Smitty’s—just a sandwich board outside and the DC flag painted over the window grate—but inside you’ll find a strong selection of signature cocktails, craft beers, and fine wines. The interior is cozy, with about 20 seats inside and plans to open up patio spaces in front and a courtyard in the rear. Stop by to enjoy some of Smitty’s introductory prices on drinks: $8 for specialty cocktails, and $6 for classic cocktails, draft brews, and house wines.

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