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January 27, 2020 Shop Bespoke Apparel and More at Billy Reid

Shoppers at Billy Reid know  when they are sporting some unique frames or posh sweater from the high-end clothing and eyewear retailer, they are going to get asked where they got such a beautiful piece. Billy Reid has such unusual, high-quality finds that it’s hard not to get noticed in a sea of clothes from mass retailers. 

The price point might be higher than some are used to paying, but Billy Reid makes up for it in exceptional fit, well-made pieces, and luxurious fabrics, not to mention extraordinary customer service. Many Yelp reviewers mention the sales staff and the excellent rapport with customers, as well as hand written notes thanking them for their business. That’s just something you don’t get at any other retailers these days. Stop in to the shop in Georgetown on M Street NW between North Wisconsin and Potomac. 

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