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May 15, 2020 Grab a Baguette at Bread Furst Bakery

Do you love carbs? Let’s be honest, is that really a question, everyone loves carbs! You’ll love them even more when you try Bread Furst Bakery on Connecticut Ave. This family-owned bakery has been stealing hearts one loaf at a time since its inception in 2004, and for good reason. Owner, Mark Furstenberg is a world-renowned baker and has even been honored by the prestigious James Beard Foundation, being named their 2017 Outstanding Baker. He’s always been an entrepreneur and Bread Furst Bakery is his most recent endeavor. 

Furstenberg’s famous baguettes are made daily, but they do have a very specific schedule for when other ancient grain breads are made, so if you have a preference, check their site for the schedule.

Beyond just bread, pastries and cakes, they also serve up breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The internationally inspired menu has options ranging from a Cubano to French Jambon Beurre or cinnamon chocolate monkey bread to fresh frittatas. There’s something for everyone, and after your first bite, you’ll be hooked!

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