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May 5, 2020 Don’t Skip the Cheesesteaks at Bub and Pop’s

 Some days just call for a hoagie. What could be better than a roll with a crunchy outer layer surrounding a fluffy interior, filled with all of your favorite toppings? Luckily, Bub and Pop’s is here to bring you just that! 

Chef Jonathan Taub crafted the Bub and Pop’s menu with inspiration from his grandparents, Mae and Irv Wagner—Bub and Pop themselves. The couple opened their original shop in West Philadelphia after World War II. Now, Chef Taub presents his reimagined versions of their sandwiches in their honor at Bub and Pop’s. 

Their menu ranges from the classic Bub’s Italian hoagie or chicken parmesan to unique options like the South Philly ratatouille to “The Hebrew Hammer” (with corned beef, roast turkey, beef brisket, swiss cheese, spicy mustard, thousand island dressing, and coleslaw). Chef Taub’s menu expands beyond hoagies, too, with soups, salads, desserts, and even specialty pickles and handmade chips! 

Bub and Pop’s offers delivery through UberEats in addition to their own delivery within the northwest quadrant and curbside pickup for takeout in-person. Be sure to check their website or call them at 202-457-1111 to check for changes in their current hours so that you can ensure you’ll get best Bub and Pop’s experience! 

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