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thumbnail image for blog Craving Pizza for Brunch at The Apollo? Head to All-Purpose Pizzeria!
September 24, 2020 Craving Pizza for Brunch at The Apollo? Head to All-Purpose Pizzeria!

When you picture brunch, you probably don’t imagine yourself eating pizza. And, when you imagine yourself eating pizza, you’re probably not picturing brunch. But, after a visit to All-Purpose Pizzeria, that just might change. 

All-Purpose Pizzeria’s brunch menu begins with cocktails, like any good brunch. A bloody mary, aperol spritz, or classic brunch time mimosa (or Swing’s coffee, if you prefer) start your meal. Then, enjoy their specialties and spuntini options, including fried mozzarella, warm cornbread muffins, garlic knots, or breakfast “Morty” (Salumeria Biellese Mortadella [an Italian bologna] and focaccia) for a meal you won’t soon forget. 

But, as their name implies, the pizza options are a can’t-miss addition to any visit to All-Purpose Pizzeria. Come brunch, their standard pies are joined by options like the Burlington (with white cheddar, pepperoncini, Italian sausage, maple syrup, and poached egg) or the Beltway (parm fonduta, mozzarella, tomato, bacon, green onion

poached egg, and arugula) pies. 

Don’t think breakfast—or, more aptly, brunch—goes with pizza? At All-Purpose Pizzeria, that thought will be proven wrong alongside poach egg-topped pies and sips of mimosa. Even if you visit All-Purpose for dinner, you’ll probably be thinking of them still when brunch time comes around. 

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