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November 23, 2020 Discover Your New Favorite Author at Solid State Books

You’re so lucky. Not many folks can take a few steps out their front door, and find a treasured independent book store. Whether you love to stop at Solid State Books for the newest releases, to rediscover an old favorite, or to take advantage of their weekly events, H Street is so much richer because of this small-but-mighty store. You can also skip the local coffee shop or bar when you grab a drink from Solid State Books, plus take advantage of their casual seating and warm atmosphere. With winter around the corner, think about the store’s book clubs, kid’s story time, or other events to stay cozy and well read. And when it comes to gift-giving, everyone loves a cool book or one-size-fits-all gift card from Solid State Books. Just ask the friendly and knowledgeable team for a recommendation, or pick out one of your favorites. Think of it like The Apollo’s gift shop, as well as your own little personal hideaway.

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