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April 29, 2021 Now Open Near The Apollo: Taqueria Las Gemelas

For everyone out there who thinks tacos are the perfect food, you have a new oasis among a sea of second-rate Mexican eateries. Taqueria Las Gemelas is now open and is the sister restaurant to classy Las Gemelas Mexican Cocina. And while they share a kitchen and the same fresh approach to Mexican food, Taqueria Las Gemelas is much more relaxed and frankly, easier to get into. 

Taqueria Las Gemelas bases their menu around all things masa, and all of the glorious toppings that turn a simple tortilla into a true masterpiece. Slow roasted barbacoa, adobo chicken, and confit carnitas make a superior taco or cheesy quesadilla, especially when piled onto an heirloom corn tortilla.  Taqueria Las Gemelas is also open for breakfast, and offers chorizo options that make regular sausage pale in comparison.

Be sure to shop the pantry before you head out for complex mole sauces and your own take-home batch of tortillas. Taqueria Las Gemelas is located just off Florida Avenue NE by the Trader Joe’s.

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