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thumbnail image for blog Fare Well: An All-Vegan Eatery in DC
November 29, 2021 Fare Well: An All-Vegan Eatery in DC

Don’t miss out on a restaurant like Fare Well, where you can enjoy all kinds of unique, vegan dishes full of bold flavor. Since 2016, Fare Well has been serving breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches, drinks, and desserts, all of which are free of dairy, meat, and all other animal-sourced ingredients. A few of their popular dishes range from buffalo cauliflower and tofu scramble to Impossible burgers, mushroom scampi, cheesy mac, and cookie dough cake for dessert.

Step inside and enjoy a lively atmosphere with modern, chic-styled decor and plenty of seating, whether you prefer sitting on one of the stools at the bright blue counter or at a table across from it. And, if you want to view their yummy vegan cakes up close, they have a display of them along with cookies and other pastries sitting behind the glass counter. You’ll see delicious treats like their chocolate chip cookies and brownies and Funfetti and s’mores cakes. 

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